Finally putting this domain to good use. I also wanted to go through the steps of hosting a site myself and setting up https. Github Pages could have done all of this in minutes, but the urge to tinker is unyielding. Now, I can call this site my own. If I used Pages to create it in minutes, I could have grown bored with it in just as much time. Easy come, easy go.

Masochism aside, this site will serve as a creative outlet, personal wiki, and overall brain landfill.

Update (2018-11-25): I have now moved on to Github Pages since hosting costs are a bit unnecessary for how infrequently I post. Also Jekyll/Pelican are annoying to setup so I settled on markdown, a dash of CSS, and simple HTML pages with pandoc. I can’t trust myself to be content with big themes so I’m making things small in the name of progress and getting things done.